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Stories are powerful. These companies know that. Here are some of the most compelling and moving television commercials of all time:

1. The Unlikely Leading Lady

In this commercial, American Express follows unlikely leading lady Mindy Kaling throughout her day and tells the story of how much she has accomplished against all of the odds.


2. This Girl Can

Steering away from society’s expectations for perfect women, this advertisement celebrates women getting out there, working out, working hard, and sweating.


3. Bringing India and Pakistan Together

Coca Cola‘s campaign to unite two countries proved itself to be a success in this extremely heartwarming commercial.


4. Dove: Real Beauty

In this Dove commercial, a forensic artist helps demonstrate we are all much more beautiful than we are even able to see or recognize.


5. Dove: Love Your Curves

In this other touching Dove commercial, Dove goes above and beyond to show that curly hair is just as beatiful as any other kind of hair there is.


6. Rewind The Future – Stop The Cycle!

This intense commercial rewinds the life of a man who’d just had an obesity-driven heart attack, to give viewers an inside look on the decisions that brought him there.


7.  Earl and Tiger

After the Tiger Woods scandal of 2009, many sponsors dropped Tiger woods from their brand, but not Nike. They took the opportunity to create this compelling advertisement.

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