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As a small business owner, you must remember that marketing is one of your strongest tools for growing your business. In today’s digital age, marketing has never been easier and more effective—and you can use this to your advantage. A certain trend many small business owners follow is to create holiday marketing videos to further inform old and new customers about the goings-on of your business.

This can include anything from new products to events and any promotions you may be throwing. When creating your holiday marketing videos, there are a few extra tips you’ll want to employ to make sure they’re a success. Try these out to make this year’s holiday marketing videos the best.

1. Recording Your Video

When recording your video, try to stick to the following criteria:

  • Always Make Sure Your Introduction is Simple
    Your marketing video is probably going to be a few minutes long, so you don’t want to take up too much time with your introduction. Be clear and concise about the theme of your video or series of videos to quickly set the tone.
  • Make Sure Your Video is Stable
    This may seem obvious, but small businesses often mean small budgets. With this in mind, you can’t expect to have a camera crew shooting your video for you, which means you may not have the level of professionalism you’re hoping for. With this said, be sure to shoot with a webcam or tripod to make sure your video is stable and easy to watch.
  • Check for Technical Difficulties
    Always ensure that your video has good sound, good lighting, and a great visual impact. It’s best to shoot a few episodes before uploading an official one.
  • Include a Call to Action
    Always include a call to action at the end of your video. This typically asks your viewers to visit your site, call in, or attend an event.

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2. Optimizing Your Video

Once your video is recorded and edited, you should think about optimization. Once you upload your video to your site or video-sharing network, be sure to add keywords relevant to your topic. For example, if your business is advertising gardening services, your video keywords should include the words synonymous with “garden.”

Share Your Videos on all your Social Media outlets. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and every other social media platform your business has should have an upload of your video. Be sure to ask your viewers to share it on their pages too.

Push for Likes. Likes help with optimization on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, so push as hard as you can for these helpful actions from your views. For the holiday season, use keywords that relate to Christmas that will make them easier to find in a search.

*Extra Tips for Holiday Videos

Remember, since these are holiday videos, you must include something holiday related. Giveaways, Christmas deals, perks, and other goodies will definitely increase site traffic, likes, and views. Follow these tips:

  • Make it Festive using Holiday Colors
  • Showcase Christmas Music (Traditional or Otherwise)
  • Cater to the Season By Adding in Shopping Deals and Present Giveaways

Your small business needs videos to help with advertisements and marketing, so use this to your advantage. These tips are good all year around, but they’re especially helpful for the upcoming holiday season. For more tips and information, visit here.

RyCa Business Films are there to help if your small business doesn’t have time to shoot its own videos. This business specializes in creating films specifically for small businesses, and they know how to make even the lowest budget films look glossy and professional. We’d love to help you, so give us a call at (323)484-3368!