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Lately, it seems like everyone is jumping aboard the “Do It Yourself” bandwagon to express inner talents, and hopefully save a little money here and there by doing tasks within your own means. And hiring an in-house video producer is one way some companies are looking to accomplish this task.

In today’s economy it’s beneficial to pinch and save everywhere humanly possible, and that typically means looking to your own capabilities to get the job done instead of outsourcing the help. Though this may be beneficial in certain areas, it is actually counter productive in other aspects, especially when it comes to the success of your business.

One such facet that you should not skimp on is your video marketing. In today’s media driven world, the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to get your name out to the world, and grow your franchise, is to broadcast and advertise via video. By using video, your business conversions may increase by up to 70%, and it has been proven that 90% of customers would rather buy a product after watching a video about it. So making sure these elements are done properly is essential to success.

However, the next question that comes to mind is “do I use an outsource video producer, or do I hire in-house to accomplish my media tasks?” Yes, it’s an important and honest question, but the answer is a little more complicated, I’m afraid, and that simply is because of the needs of your business.

Therefore, we have gone through and listed the pros and cons of hiring an in-house video producer vs. reaching out to an production company. By looking through each, you can find what may be most beneficial for you and your industry:

Outsource Company

Outsourcing is hiring a consultant, service provider, or, in this case, a production company to manage a portion of your business that is not directly linked to your franchise. In other words, you reach out to another company who specializes in a designated task in order to to help your own business. Some reasons you may want to consider outsourcing may be:

  • Specialized equipment: if the task at hand requires large facilities, specialized equipment, and operations that you do not have regular access to.
  • Specialized skill: if the task requires expert skills in a specific system such as graphic design, website development, or PPC campaigns that are not immediately or professionally available within your company.
  • Seasonal or temporary: if the task is needed to be accomplished only a few times and not routinely.


Clearly, seeking an outsource company has its great advantages because of its specialties. Perhaps the largest benefit is being able to bring in an expert of the filed for a defined period of time to perform a task professionally and effectively without having to commit to any long-term contract.

Even if the outsource hourly or project rate is higher than your company’s own personal pay, choosing an outsource producer may save thousands of dollars by not having to commit to an annual contract or salary.

Not to mention, seeking out expert advice will improve the quality of your project greatly. With superior work, your business’ online and video marketing will grow exponentially and will receive more positive response by its viewers who will pledge their loyalty to your franchise.


However, with every blessing comes its minor drawbacks, and some disadvantages of hiring an outsourcing video company may simply be finding one that is affordable, highly qualified, and fits your project’s needs and budget. This may be time consuming.

Also, some larger outsource companies tend to have a handful of other clients as well, meaning they are busy and may not have time to accomplish your task within your specific timeframe.

Regardless, an outsource company is always more beneficial in the long run. Once you find a trusted company that works for you, a long lasting relationship can be made that will value your franchise by providing quality service and honest employment every time.

Hiring an In-House Video Producer

On the flip-side, hiring an in-house video producer means that your company seeks to hire an individual, or team of people, to accomplish tasks for more long-term purposes. Essentially, your business is seeking to extend its franchise by adding another branch or department under contract in order to grow its production. Some reasons to hire in-house may be:

  • Long term needs: tasks that need to be accomplished routinely.
  • Department or time management: if your business is seeking to add another department to specialize in a certain expertise in order to manage time and tasks more efficiently.

The key word here is growth. Sometimes, your business may need just a one-time project in order to accomplish the task; however, if you find your company needing multiple projects under the same company, it may be time to think about hiring “your own man”.


The biggest advantage of hiring or insourcing your own production is that you can monitor your crew more closely and build your team within your business. Since the people you recruit are hired by your business, it may be more effective for time management, activity flow, and quality.


However, hiring insource production may have more disadvantages compared to outsourcing, even though the insource benefits are desirable. Insourcing, even though it is controlled by your own company’s pay rate, may end up being more costly to your company. It is a stretch to say that this method is less expensive, because if you cannot hire the skill levels or expertise required, it may end up costing more. Not to mention, adding an entire branch to your business is a huge leap and risk that may backfire in the end if not budgeted or managed correctly.

Taking the time to properly and professionally market your business via video and media will certainly reap its benefits in the long run, so don’t skimp in this department! Having a quality production crew, whether insource or outsource, can make your business grow exponentially!

Hopefully now you have enough information to decide which hiring rout will benefit your business most effectively. However, if you have any more comments, questions or concerns about your next video project, please contact us at RyCa Business Films. We are a video production company that leads in high quality and expert video construction and would love to assist you in any way possible. Give us a call at (323) 484-3368. We would love to hear from you and get you started on your next project!