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Client: Foothill Credit Union

Product: Chip Cards

Category: Product Video

Foothill Credit Union Chip Card Video. Credit and debit cards now include a microchip embedded in the card that protects against fraud. Foothill Credit Union now offers these new cards for all of their members. In this video, we used a quirky shopper who’s very smart and understands the benefits of using this type of card.

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The Transcript

As a Foothill Credit Union member, you already know you’re smart. And by using your new Foothill EMV Chip Card, you’ll be even smarter. The old magnetic strip cards that we’ve all been using for decades are very easy to counterfeit. But the new chip cards are very difficult to copy.

Retailers and ATMs across America are switching to new card readers that work differently than the old readers. For instance, you’ll now need to insert your card into the slot on the bottom of the card reader, facing up with the chip first, and leave it there until the end of the transaction. This allows the embedded chip to generate a unique code which prevents data from being stolen and fraudulently used. But remember if you pull the card out too soon, the transaction will be canceled and no charges will be made.

It’s the same for ATMs as well. Simply insert your card into the reader, facing up, with the chip first and leave it there. Follow the instructions on the screen and when your transaction is complete, you can remove your card. It’s that simple.

if you come across a card reader that doesn’t read chip cards yet, just simply swipe the card just like you would with your old magnetic strip card.

So the next time you use your Foothill debit or credit chip card, be smart. Make sure you insert it into the reader and leave it there until the transaction is complete. You’ll be helping to lower the possibility of fraud and protect yourself from becoming a victim. Now that’s Smart!

For more information, visit foothillcu.org/chipcard