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Foothill Credit Union  |  Online Banking

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Client: Foothill Credit Union

Product: Online Banking

Category: Product Video


Foothill Credit Union is a great client who first approached RyCa Business Films in 2015. We’ve produced over 15 videos with this great organization, and look forward to many more. This video highlights one of their great features: Online Banking. Most of us are so busy, we often forget about the little things, like going to the bank. This was a fun one to produce!

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The Transcript

Ok, I got the groceries, picked up the dry cleaning, got the car washed. Alright, just got to go to the bank!


Got to get to the bank!

Ok…going to the bank!

I got everything I need for my project. You’re still gonna help me right?


I didn’t go to the bank.

Why don’t you just do it online?