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Product:Product Watch

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Instantly is a Software as a Service company in the market research industry, serving brand managers and research firms ranging from small regional brands, to large enterprise-level corporations. One of their flagship tools, Product Watch, helps brand managers know when and where products hit the shelves; whether it be their product, or a competitor’s. Instantly first approached RyCa Business Films in 2014, when they needed a couple of background videos for their website. Since then, we’ve produced more background videos, client testimonial videos, product videos, and more. This Instantly product video, is just one example of how we can help our clients be the heros in their industry.

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Video Transcript

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, brands can’t afford to wait months for sales data after launching a new product. But with Instantly Product Watch, you know exactly when your products, or your competitors’ products, appear in stores.

Product Watch crowd-sources information about newly launched items by collecting thousands of submissions every day from real shoppers. After spotting a new product, shoppers use our app to take a picture, scan the barcode and answer a few short questions about what they like and dislike. Submitting responses directly from the store takes no time at all.

Once the information is submitted, Product Watch updates in real-time, reflecting the latest sightings on an interactive map, so you can track consumer sentiment as your product rolls out across the country and collect data to refine your ongoing marketing strategy.

All product submissions are fed into an easy-to-use dashboard that is searchable by product name, brand or keyword, giving you the power to identify new competitors, keep track of innovations in your category, or spot new trends.

Within the interactive product detail page you can access deeper insights and performance metrics. Filter data by UPC, region, variety or store, and see top two box scores on nine different success indicators, including purchase intent, category leadership and price value.

With hundreds of thousands of submissions in more than 20 categories, Product Watch gives you the valuable insights needed to predict market success faster than ever before.

Instantly. Don’t guess. Know.