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WOWFIXIT “That Guy” | Product Video


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Client:Up In The Lab, Inc


Category: Product Video

This project had a tight budget and even tighter turnaround. But RyCa Films was able to deliver for the client in time for their debut at CES in Las Vegas in 2018. WOWFIXIT is a great product that can help to protect your screen from scratches and breaks.

We first got the request for a video in Early December. Ryan Cathey put his creative hat on and had 3 concepts back to the client in less that 36 hours. The client picked their favorite, and we started the process of scripting, casting, location scouting, script rewrites, and finally a shoot date. The whole thing was shot, edited, and delivered to the client in a 3 day period. Talk about breakneck speeds.

This project was great fun and we look forward to making more great videos for Up In The Lab, Inc very soon.

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The Transcript

Need me to take you to the hospital? ‘Cause you just fell from heaven, girl.

That was pretty lame. But you’re cute. Let me put my number into your phone.

Hold it!

Who are you?

I’m a WOWFIXIT guy. But a better question is, “what are you doing?”

Trying to give her my number. Trying to give her my number.

With that? Nobody wants to touch that nasty, cracked thing. They might cut their finger and get a disease!

Whatever man. I suppose you want me to get some giant nerd case to put my phone in?

No! You use WOWFIXIT.

WOWFIXIT’s powerful scratch and shatter resistant technology keeps your phone protected from some of the worst situations.

Whoa. How’d you do that?

Easy. I’ll show you.

What just happened?

We traveled through space and time in order for me to show you how WOWFIXIT works. Dont’t tell me that was your first time, was it?


Oh. Sorry.

Anyway, all you have to do is rub your device’s screen and camera lens with the WOWFIXIT application wipe.

Let it dry, and use the microfiber cloth to buff to a shine. Now your phone is protected from scratches and breaks.

Wow. That’s amazing. But this can’t be as good as those tempered glass covers that people use.

Oh. Not just as good. Better.

Wait, hold…

Why do you keep doing that? We were just over there.

Yea, but we’re five minutes into the future.


Because I had to set up this cool experiment.

OK, well show me.


See, this phone here has one of those tempered glass screen covers. But if I drop the ball from just four and a half feet, it breaks. In fact, if we drop this ball bearing from five and a half feet, the tempered glass, and the screen underneath shatter.

Huh. But how high can you go with WOWFIXIT?

I’m glad you asked!

Wait, how’d you get up there?

Tests show that WOWFIXIT can protect against shatters up to eleven and a half feet. In fact, a screen with WOWFIXIT’s Titanium Liquid Screen Protector will finally crack at an amazing height of twelve feet.

That’s pretty awesome! But won’t this affect the way my screen looks?

No. In fact, it actually improves the color and brightness of your screen. And it protects against germs and bacteria.

OK. Looks like I’m now a WOWFIXIT guy! (excited at the prospect) Does that mean I can travel through space and time on my own?

No! Why would you think that? Now let’s get you back.

So don’t be that guy. Use WOWFIXIT and get them digits!

Use WOWFIXIT’s Liquid Titanium Screen Protector. And keep your phone safe!