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Brand Awareness

Improve the gut reaction your customers have when they think about your company.

Great ROI

Video is the most powerful marketing tool we have today and it’s cost-effective.


Consumers will spend 88% more time on your website if it includes a video. Yeah. 88%!


People love watching video. They also love sharing it. It’s time for you to get in on the action.
Company Overview Videos

Company Overview Videos

One of the best ways of letting your customers know who you are and why you do what you do. Based around interviews of happy customers, you,  and your employees, we add a whole bunch of beautiful footage of your processes, and examples of great customer service.



Company Overview Videos can help increase customer conversions by up to 187%



We take all of the stress and headache out of conceptualizing these unique videos



By seeing you and your employees, customers feel more comfortable buying from you



If you’re not using video yet, this video will cover everything a customer needs to know

The Process

The Discovery

We meet with you to ask important questions about your industry, competition, processes, marketing strategy, and positioning. We then provide a proposal that includes our findings and a suggestion for the video treatment.

The Planning

Once we’ve agreed upon a treatment, we’ll plan the shoot. This could include a simple date and time, or a robust pre-production process with scripts, storyboards, casting, and more. This is the road map of the project and is essential to a great video.

The Shoot

The plan is set. The people are in places. Lights. Camera. Action! Shoot days can be one of the most fun experiences for our clients. We know how to get great footage, lower the anxiety level, stay focused on our work, and just have a good time.

The Edit

Editing is an art. Knowing just what shots to keep, when to make an edit, and the why behind those decisions are something we’re very proud to say we do. We include high-quality music and audio sweetening techniques to hone in on the target.

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