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Client: Foothill Credit Union

Product: Platinum Mastercard Rewards

Category: Product Video

Foothill Credit Union Platinum Mastercard Rewards is an awesome program for which we enjoyed making a video. A pretty funny video if you ask us! We used the same actors as our other two product videos in order to create some brand consistency and save the client some cash.

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The Transcript

Mom, can I borrow the credit card? We’re going to the movies.

Absolutely not…

Have a great time honey!

I’m going to the mall, I’ll be back for dinner!

Wait, don’t you need money? Take this.


Mom? I really need new shoes, so I was wondering if..

Take it. Take it!

Everyone deserves a reward. With the Platinum Rewards MasterCard from Foothill Credit Union, you can reward yourself with gift cards to your favorite stores, travel vouchers, and much more.