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These videos are short, to the point, and are great at showing your company’s culture.

Great ROI

FAQ videos are very cost-effective and can easily be leveraged for several marketing channels.


Shot on location, FAQ videos require a very simple process from start to finish.


Because you’ve already written the script. These videos are based on the FAQs on your site.

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FAQ Videos

Why would you let those things your customers want to know get skipped over on your site. FAQ videos are a fantastic way of not only answering common questions your potential customers may have, but they’re great for reinforcing your brand, providing sharable content, and creating more dynamic for your website.



FAQ Videos can help increase customer conversions by up to 187%. This means more chances to earn more.



We take all of the stress and headache out of conceptualizing these unique videos



By providing several videos, your website visitors will stay on your website on average 2x as long.



If you’re not using video yet, FAQ videos will cover everything a customer needs to know

The Process

The Discovery

We’ll have a quick chat to verify your existing FAQ content, making sure you like the questions and answers the way they are, if you want to add or subtract anything, and confirm how many questions you’d like included. Then we plan.

The Planning

Once we’ve agreed upon a treatment, we’ll plan the shoot. This could include a simple date and time, or a robust pre-production process with scripts, storyboards, casting, and more. This is the road map of the project and is essential to FAQ Videos.

The Shoot

The plan is set. The people are in places. Lights. Camera. Action! Shoot days can be one of the most fun experiences for our clients. We know how to get great footage, lower the anxiety level, stay focused on our work, and just have a good time.

The Edit

Editing is an art. Knowing just what shots to keep, when to make an edit, and the why behind those decisions are something we’re very proud to say we do. We include high-quality music and audio sweetening techniques to hone in on the target.

How effective are FAQ Videos?

FAQ videos are a great way of producing lots of content quickly and cost-effectively, giving you plenty of content to distribute through all of your marketing channels. Video is the most powerful marketing tool we have today and the numbers don’t lie. You can check out an info graphic on our website that shows just how powerful videos are for converting leads into happy customers.

What Do I Do With My FAQ Videos?

Although these videos are a great way to answer people’s questions when they visit your site, that’s just the beginning of how to successfully use these videos. Obviously, you’ll want to post your videos on the FAQ page of your website, but we also encourage our clients to post their videos everywhere there customers are looking. YouTube, Vimeo, Social Media Channels, and anywhere else you think your potential customers might be hiding.

Can I customize the FAQ Videos?

We offer several upgrades to our Base FAQ Video Package including second cameras, moving cameras, titles and motion graphics, and the addition of more videos beyond the initial 10. And the best part, they’re all affordable! You’ll be presented with all of the options at the time of your initial consultation.

How Long Does It Take To Shoot The Videos?

We schedule a 3 hour block of time on a day that works for your business. This gives us plenty of time to gather all of the footage and get the best takes for each FAQ. If you’ve got more than 10 FAQs, we will schedule an additional 3 hours in order to make sure there’s plenty of time to get it in the can. (That’s industry lingo for gathering footage).

How Long Until I Get My FAQ Videos?

We offer a 7 day turn around on our FAQ videos. This is the amount of time it takes to make sure your videos are edited with the care and attention to detail they deserve. The videos are usually available earlier than this, but we only like to make promises we can keep.

Can I See Examples Of FAQ Videos?

To see examples of our FAQ videos, simply keep watching. That’s right, you’re watching one right now. OK, I know. That’s not what you meant. If you want to see some more examples of our FAQ videos, you can visit our portfolio on our website, RyCaFilms.com or by visiting our FAQ page at RyCaFilms.com/FAQ. Of course, you might already be there, so we apologize for any infinite loops we’ve caused. Sorry robots!

Does This Pricing Apply To Other Types Of Videos?

The pricing for our FAQ Videos does not apply to other types of videos. All other types of videos take much more pre-planning, shooting time, and editing work to complete, thus adding to the price. Don’t get me wrong, all of our video services are well worth the investment, but FAQ videos are a great way for a business to get lots of video content on their site quickly and affordably! If you’d like to inquire about the other types of videos we offer, please reach out to one of our representatives here at RyCa Business Films and we’d be glad to set up an appointment.

I’m Convinced! How Do I Get FAQ Videos For My Website?

To get your very own FAQ Videos, just like these, simply fill out the contact form on our website, or email us at info@rycafilms.com. We’ll set up an appointment to go over all of your needs and options and set up your shoot day. We look forward to working with you and providing lots of great content for your video marketing needs!

Ready To Get Your FAQ Videos?